Satellite Pro A50 i3-4000M/4GB/320GB/15.6"HD/W8PCO

Wi-Fi through provided USB-dongle (R4)

100+ en existencia
Fabricante Toshiba
Referencia del fabricante PT64NN-UK-SB1-R4
FlexIt SKU 2330123R4
Condiciones del producto
R4 - Refurb
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    Simplify your life with the reliable Satellite Pro A50. The different configurations are tailor-made to increase your productivity. With quality components and a robust construction, this laptop provides the support you need for your everyday work. The Satellite Pro A50 offers an Intel® Core™ processor up to and including the latest generation, with storage options and screen resolutions of your choice, so you can be more productive at more times. Everything about this laptop is designed with professionals in mind. High-quality parts deliver smooth performance and connectivity, and the bright, non-reflective screen and full-sized keypad always help you get the most out of yourself, so you can be more productive at more times.
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